Backup vs. Business Continuity

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Technology Business Continuity Plan:  Don’t Let The Domino Effect Catch Your Business Without A Plan!  

Over the past few years, technology has really come a long way.   Request More Information

Technology Business Continuity: Donts let the Domino Effect catch Your Business

  • Yesterday
    • Tape and disk backup used to be the best option for businesses to back up their data.
    • Tape / Disk  failure rates were a big risk factor
    • Backup Data Integrity / Verification Issues
    • Data Only backups / Applications not Backed Up
    • High reconfiguration cost at recovery time
  • Today
    • A wide variety of backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions available that offer businesses  enterprise class technology.
    • At affordable prices
    • Subscription based pricing / Low up front cost
    • More reliable / Data and Applications Backed up on and off site
    • Automatic Logging and Screenshot Data and Application Backup Verification
    • Can save your company from losing vital data and experiencing costly downtime.
    • Recover in Minutes Not Days

These business continuity solutions are changing the backup game and it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

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