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 What should ever business card have? Have you ever been to a meeting and someone has asked you for a business card and you had nothing to give them? I have and it did not feel good having to write my information down on a piece of paper, knowing that the guy had a big stack of paper that my information could end up getting lost in. So why not have a card that you can leave with some one that has all your information? Why not make it stand out where it does not just get tossed out to the “I’m never calling them group”. Be unique leave them with something to think about.

Basic information that should be on your business card is contact information, products and services a selling parse and operate graphics. You want to have a clear message to get people to know you and want to stay in touch with you. Always have information where they can go to find out more about you or your company like website, social media and other recourses that you might. Try and have a slick and creative design that will help you stand out to your potential client.

If you do not have business cards TechnePro would like to help you. Contact today for a free quote.


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